What The Fuck Am I Reading?!!

*Disclaimer, this blog is a mixture of genuine criticism, immature jibes and obscure references. This blog may also contain language which may not be acceptable to some. No harm or offence is intended via the content of this blog which is purely for entertainment and is to be taken light heartedly. …besides, dick jokes rule.*

A quick run down of what FlatOutOrEffOff is all about. The brain child and satirical alter ego of a deranged life long motorsport fan who as a baby used to switch off the Eastenders omnibus every Sunday to watch F1, BTCC, WSC and DTM. FlatOutOrEffOff is satirical motorsport blog free of bias and it’s opposite (which right now I can’t be fucked to look up), during a regular motorsport season the main bulk FlatOutOrEffOff will be a not so serious round up of the weekends racing action (or how much of it I can actually manage to watch), but with a difference.

You see there’s a reason why it’s called FlatOutOrEffOff, FlatOutOrEffOff isn’t just a fancy name to be stuck onto the side of some fat bloke’s brightly coloured Ford Focus (oh yes, I just went there). FlatOutOrEffOff represents the basis of this blog: how we will be rating the action. It’s simple, If something impresses us then it will be rated FlatOut, but, if something leaves us unimpressed then it will be rated EffOff, albeit after a total satirical assassination.

Anything that happens in a race can be subject to this, so if a race is outstanding I may give the entire field a FlatOut rating, I could equally give the entire field an EffOff rating if the race is a drag. Maybe I’ll rate the track, the series, a team, a pit building, maybe even a random guy in the crowd, nothing is safe. So let’s get started shall we, because although the racing may not have started we still have a lot to have fun with.



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